From 2000

At the start-up stage, the company adhered to its own line and policy, vigorously developed the international market, focused on export, and reached a sense of cooperation with international well-known enterprises, making 'Made In China' once again internationally renowned; among which, the QA Department has increased checks among products going out of company warehouse in order to ensure the quality of 'Made In China' products follows standard guidance and the company's reputation is recognized worldwide. With diversified series of product, we will continue to provide more products to the market and contribute to the society.

Regardless of the international or domestic market, we are paying more attention to 'excellent technology' and 'quality first', and the R&D Department works closely with QA Department to supervise and oversee the product quality, control raw cost, so to achieve a reasonable price with quality guaranteed product as well as maintain standard guidelines. We are also constantly developing new products to meet market demands, and in return to end users and society with excellent quality and reasonable price, in order to be one of world-class PPE companies. After several years of trials and hardships, time has witnessed our growth.

We would like to create a healthy, safe and comfort working environment with our products, apply Semask spirits to broadcast our messages - That we, as one of PPE's companies founded in China are focusing on high quality products and excellent services in return!

Advertising company and creating brand image, implement strategic partnership into system and moving to globalization
Entered to the whitelist system of the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturer Association, focusing on exportation and promoting the Semask brand internationally
Enter to the EU certification system and adopt EU standard on PPE regulation 2016/425 as key guidance to start production
Implement ISO quality management system in place at production factory to be in-line with world-class companies
Renovated and re-furnished existing factory to bring in more equipments on production of half mask and full face mask as well as particle filtering half mask, focusing on KN95 facemask, and established a 100,000-level purification workshop
Started OEM customization system, established product R&D department, deployed 4 key personnels, preparing to establish overseas market
Started the R&D and production of non-powered air-purifying hafl mask, mainly served to domestic chemical processing plants and OEM on overseas demand
Started the R&D and production of particle filtering half mask, mainly cater to domestic mining and heavy duty operation factories
Started production of mask accessories, mainly exhalation valve and silicone facepiece
Parts production based on injection molding and vulcanization